One of the greatest aspects of any person’s life should be his time of worshipping God for who He is and what He is doing in his life.  While individual worship is necessary and vital to the spiritual growth of any believer, when God’s people gather together for a corporate time of worship, an atmosphere of excitement, edification, and admonition make this time as valuable as any ministry of the church.  No other service brings as many different personalities and lifestyles into one location for the express purpose of bringing praise to God and worshipping Him.

At SPCC the largest corporate worship time is Sunday mornings in the 10:30 service.  We incorporate the use of Scripture Reading, preaching of God’s Word, personal testimony, drama presentations and a blend of music selections in worship.  Musically, our worship style is considered a blended-worship service that includes special music selections by various artists (church attendees), children and adult choir selections, traditional hymns, and a selection of choruses led by a worship band called Instruments of Praise. 

Through the challenge in the preaching of God’s Word and the musical expressions of praise, God’s people gather to collectively worship God and praise Him for what He has done for us and His direct involvement in our lives.