Newcomers Welcome


Welcome to the ministry of South Pymatuning Community Church.  As you get to know us through our website I trust you will feel welcome to attend a service with us and become involved in the ministry outreach of SPCC.

I know your life is busy and the demands on one’s life and time are great.  However we view these responsibilities, the decision to worship God, study His Word with others, and be involved in the ministry of a church is an important one.  Our desire is that SPCC would be a place where you can experience God’s presence personally and in the lives of others. 

No one here thinks we have all the answers or that we have ‘arrived’ in life.  We are on a journey just as you are.  We are, however, confident that through God’s Word, the teaching and studying of it, along with the life-experiences of others, we can grow together in this life spiritually.

Join us!  We really do seek to be a place of hope, a place to grow, and a place where you are greeted warmly and encouraged to become involved in ministry for God’s glory.  I look forward to meeting you soon!

Your servant in Christ,

Pastor Dave