One of the first images one sees upon entering the campus of an organization is its landscaping detail, thus,the Landscaping ministry serves a vital role.  Participants take care of various sections of the church grounds primarily in Spring, Summer and Fall, by planting and cultivating the landscaped areas.  The undertaking of caring for the earth and all its weeds along with the creatures encountered on the way, make for an interesting ministry outreach.  This ministry needs a willing group of volunteers to keep it a vital part of the church function.

Because of the nature of this ministry, participants may set their own work schedule.


Participants in this program serve the Lord travel either domestically or internationally to serve on the mission field for God's glory.  Previous trips have included the Appalachian Region of the United States, Chile, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic.  The blessings received in this outreach are beyond compare and affect each person differently.   No one returns from one of these trips without some spiritual change, as well as experiencing emotional and intellectual changes in the spreading of the Gospel to other areas of the United States and the world.

Short-Term Missions makes contact with areas of need through existing missionaries who are supported by churches needing assistance to run their Vacation Bible School ministry, church outreaches, orphanage ministries as well as work-related mission needs. 

Participants in these mission trips are required to undergo specific training for the field they will visit as well as receive spiritual instruction and training.  These trips are not for novice believers, but for those led by the Lord to minister to a culture foreign to their own.  Individuals must raise funds, with the assistance of the church family, through various fund-raising efforts and donations.  South Pymatuning Community Church also sets aside funds annually to assist in the financial responsibility of these trips.


Are you a technical person?  Would you like to become one?  We have a place for you!  Those involved in the Sound and Video Room hold the key to helping a church service run smoothly.  Sound and Video personnel control all the audio and lighting requirements for the service as well as video images and PowerPoint presentations for use before and during services.   Computer skills are helpful, but not necessary.  Instruction is available if needed.

Technicians set up sound equipment for special music and provide assistance for weddings as needed also.  Their skills are always necessary to help the ministry presentation blend smoothly for God’s glory. 


Our Sunday School Fellowship group comprises adults who meet during the 9:30 Sunday School /teaching hour for Bible Study/Lessons and fellowship.  The group's members have adopted an extended family setting in order to reach out to one another with support and encouragement.  Variouis group members lead Biblical studies and lessons, highlighted by spirited discussion, opinion-forming and sharing, and even healthy disagreement and debate.  All discussions base themselves in Bible teaching with scripture references, and the group finds itself searching and questioning along the way, as God instructs.

This small group setting lends itself to personal evaluation and involvement in the lives of others to the glory of God and the betterment of one another.


The trustees in the church provide expertise in all types of repairs and improvements needed around the church facility.  Although specific skills are helpful, a second set of hands always makes the task easier and participants may learn on the job.  The senior trustees help mentor others as they prepare for more detailed involvement.  Of course, with the ever-expanding electronic age, quite often younger people have more to share than originally thought!

These ministry participants are on call as needed and must have a willing heart for service of any kind.


A Bible study and fellowship welcoming women college age and beyond.  The group meets every other Thursday beginning at 7:00 pm at the church.  Ladies collectively chose a course of study to pursue.

Theme song: Open the Eyes of our Hearts Lord. Theme verse: Zechariah 9:12--  “Return to the stronghold, you prisoners of hope.  Even today I declare that I will restore double to you.”  Hope is a favorable and confident expectation or the declaration of fulfillment.  Hope will not be defeated, and is being claimed as we lift prayer to our Lord.  Group prayer:  For God to continue to “open the eyes of our hearts” to what He would have us learn from our studies; that our hearts continue to be knitted and tightly fused together as we share each others’ burdens and joys; and, that our bond would reach out to the congregation of SPCC, touching the lives of others in our church and communities.

We welcome and encourage ladies, college age and beyond to join us. This is a wonderful time of sharing, caring, fellowship, and of learning more while drawing deeper in our relationship and walk with our Lord. 


These ministry participants use their dramatic talents to portray Biblical concepts in a dramatic format.  The group meets periodically to plan and prepare skits, dramatic interpretations, musical dramas, and full-length dramatic productions.  Productions are utilized as part of the morning worship services to help highlight particular topics and the group develops other productions for the purpose of sharing the Gospel of Christ with others.

The group is open to all and teenagers are encouraged to become involved in this ministry area as well.


Our Men's Bible Study meets every other Saturday for an hour of Bible study and prayer from 10:30 - 11:30a.m. here at the South Py Community Church.  Summer dates may change.  This class is open to all men college age and older.  If you want to grow closer to the Lord as a man of God, join us!  We will grow together!